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In Europe, the sanitary crisis of COVID 19 is closed to the end but the request of central systems for vacuum, medical air and on-site oxygen is still in a growing phase.

MIL’S factory located in Genas – France is very busy with production of PSA oxygen generators to be installed in technical rooms or inside outdoor containers.
In the last 15 years, MIL’S became a big specialist of producing outdoor cabins made of composites material.

Our solution is a good compromise for hospitals located in city centers where extension of buildings is a challenge.

Vacuum plants, Medical air plants, PSA plants in container are a popular custom made solution for our qualified installers to save a lot of time during the commissioning.
All of them are optimized for energy saving and heat dissipation.

The Made in France is more than ever a good insurance for our customers.

Come to us for more details.


Innovation in vacuum technology. A new generation of oil less claw vacuum pumps for industrial and medical process.

The SIRELLA .R is the latest vacuum pump which brings high efficiency and low noise level, the best in its category. Due to the low maintenance cost, the total cost of ownership (TCO) has a very good ratio.

Used as single pump or in centralized vacuum systems, it can also be controlled by variable speed drive to minimize the energy cost following the reel vacuum consumption of the customer.

Click on the following link and enjoy our video.

SIRELLA .R presentation


MIL’S increases its new range of VPSA oxygen generators.

Now, two sizes are available : 27 and 42 m3/h at 95% purity.

Coming from a long research, this innovative technology brings an energy cost saving of 50% minimum, comparing to a PSA generator of similar capacity.

As this process is 100% oil free, this generates a longer lifetime of the zeolite, a guarantee of high level oxygen purity as well as significant maintenance cost saving.

Do not hesitate to contact our commercial teams for your industrial or medical applications.


ATEX DIRECTIVE 2014-34-EUThe new EVISA .R ATEX rotary vane vacuum pumps from 68m3/h to 300m3/h, are designed to be installed in gas, dust or gas and dust zones.
A PT100 sensor is equipped in standard allows to measuring the oil temperature, this equipment is a part of the ATEX marking of our pumps (index protection mode « b »).


All documentations related to these new EVISA ATEX rotary vane vacuum pumps are available in the Customer Area.


After the actualization of the EVISA range with the E25.R and E40.R new models at the beginning of 2017, MIL’S ends its development program of the rotary vane vacuum pumps generation.

For this 2018 year, the EVISA E65.R and E100.R are presented as to be compact, silent and performant pumps. This new range allows to reach an ultimate vacuum to 6.10-2 mbar starting at the atmospheric pressure with a flow rate of 68m3/h and 100m3/h (50 Hz).


The benefits of the .R range vacuum pumps are :

– an energy saving of 10%
– a fast pumping speed guaranteed
– a 24h/24 operation thanks to a performant lubrification
– an adjustable gas ballast according to the process
– a traceability of spare parts by QR CODE


All documentations related to these new rotary vane vacuum pumps are available in the Customer Area.


MIL’S is launching its brand new production of vacuum liquid traps.

They have been designed to improve the protection level of vacuum pumps.

They can be used to stop water, oil, waste oil as well as other liquids.

We can also equip an electrical draining system bellow the trap which guarantee the automatic draining without process interruption.


The documentation linked with these new liquid traps is available in the Customer Area.