VPSA oxygen generators

What does VPSA mean ?

Vacuum :        Vacuum for the regeneration of the molecular sleeve

Pressure :       Air pressure to feed the molecular sleeve

Switch :          Alternate saturation and regeneration of molecular sleeve.

Adsorption :   Chemical process to hold fluids on the surface of solid components.


The VPSA Pro2Xy VAC 5 and 12 bar oxygen generators deliver oxygen continuously or on demand with up to 95% purity. VPSA technology is applied by MIL’S to the oxygen concentration present in the air system. This allows the production of dry oxygen from 90% to 95% continuous concentration, the remainder of the product obtained being composed mainly of argon and nitrogen.
These generators fit to the ISO 10083 standard, the European pharmacopoeia OXYGEN 93 and the NF S95-175.

Technical characteristics