Oil less vacuum pumps


The oil less claw vacuum pumps SIRELLA are oil-free compression pumps, that achieve a continuous vacuum of 50 mbar and provide air cooled. Its low maintenance and its absence of wear parts guarantee a low cost of performance.



Technical characteristics

ARICA rotary vane

The oil less rotary vane vacuum pumps ARICA are compact oil-free single-stage pumps. They can run continuously from atmospheric pressure to ultimate vacuum. Compactness and noise level optimized, they integrate easily your applications with low operating and maintenance cost.

Oilless rotary vane vacuum pumps ARICA 3VK & 6VK

Technical characteristics

PS piston

The oil less piston vacuum pumps PS are oil-free single stage pumps suitable for many kinds of applications in dry and wet environments. They are recommended for applications where noise level is a priority.


Technical characteristics

KAV side channel

The oil less side channel vacuum pumps KAV are oil-free single-stage or two-stage pumps suitable for applications where flow is preferred over vacuum level. High efficiency, horizontal or vertical axis mounting, they are suitable for air, or non-explosive and non-hazardous gas mixtures.
They are also available in ATEX version.

Oilless side channel vacuum pumps KAV

Technical characteristics