MIL’S increases its new range of VPSA oxygen generators.

Now, two sizes are available : 27 and 42 m3/h at 95% purity.

Coming from a long research, this innovative technology brings an energy cost saving of 50% minimum, comparing to a PSA generator of similar capacity.

As this process is 100% oil free, this generates a longer lifetime of the zeolite, a guarantee of high level oxygen purity as well as significant maintenance cost saving.

Do not hesitate to contact our commercial teams for your industrial or medical applications.

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40’HC VPSA containers
When vacuum technology helps producing oxygen. After 4 years of R&D, tests and certifications, MIL’S started the deliveries of its made in France VPSA (Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption) oxygen generators built in 40’HC containers. The benefit for the end user is 60% of energy saving comparing to a PSA of similar capacity. 0,6 kW/m3 only…
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MIL’S has put all its know-how to work to develop and to improve a range of units and accessories to meet the specific needs of the composite industry. We offer a variety of vacuum units to tackle processes such as infusion, vacuum moulding and Light R.T.M. Regardless of whether you chose a mobile or fixed…
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Despite the COVID-19 sanitary crisis and the drop of the worldwide economy, MIL’S continues to invest massively on its production tools. Our machining department staff is happy to operate this brand-new CNC which is used for big series of parts and for strategic components like vacuum pumps rotors. After the robotized welding machine implemented several…
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MIL’S, manufacturer of oxygen generators since 2009, is specialized in integration of PSA systems in composites or metallic containers. Our installers like the time saving for their on-site commissioning.  
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